Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jaci Turned 2!!!

I can't believe that my little baby turned 2 today! It doesn't seem possible that it was two years ago that they put that sweet little baby girl in my arms for the first time! We have had so many good, sweet times since then. Her favorite place to be is still in her mommy's arms! Everyday I look at her and can't believe how "grown up" she is. She isn't a baby anymore, but a little girl. I love her so much and I am so lucky because she loves me so much too! I just hope that lasts forever! I love getting to spend my days playing with her and watching her grow. She is so smart and it is so fun hearing her talk and tell me all sorts of stories. She loves to sing, and that is my favorite sound in the world.

Bill's parents came in town last night so they could celebrate Jaci's birthday with us. Jaci had a great birthday! We started out the day at the park for a ward picnic. Then tonight, we had a little party for her and Bill. (Bill's birthday was 3 days ago.) She LOVED her presents! Bill and I gave her a sandbox (along with a few other things). Bill's parents gave her a little picnic table and umbrella for the backyard and some sand toys, and my parents gave her a little dolly and a baby bed and stroller for the doll. My sister-in-law made her some beautiful necklaces (including the one she's wearing in the top picture), and my "little" brother gave her some "treasure". She also got some great presents from Bill's cousins, including: dress up shoes, coloring books, crayons, and tinker bell dishes. Thank you everyone!!!

For the party, I spent all day yesterday baking. I made a Red Velvet Cake for Bill, a giant cupcake cake for Jaci, a pan of my brother's favorite Chocolate Dessert, and homemade Strawberry Ice Cream!!!

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Caryn said...

The necklace looks so cute on her! Yeah! Happy Birthday Jaci!

And I was already hungry when I read Red Velvet and then groaned when you said Chocolate dessert. Brat.

POPS said...

Thanks for sharing what happened on this special day. Can't wait to see you in a month!

Rhonda said...

She's groing up so fast! I wish we could see her more! She does look adorable in her necklace!
That sandbox looks like tons o fun but I kept thinking about the mess that would be dragged all over my house.

Kelcie said...

Happy birthday Jaci girl! And you are definately going to make me some of that red velvet cake when we're in az! I can't even explain how excited I am to see you guys!! Love you both!