Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Water Baby

So, I decided to teach Jaci REALLY early about doing dishes....OR NOT! Every time I go to do dishes she has to be right beside me playing in the water. That doesn't last long though. She pushes me out of the way and most of the time I have to just move the dirty dishes out of the sink so she can play. She would do this for hours at a time if I would let her. The pros: it keeps her busy so I can get things done and she's happy and talking and singing "row, row, row your boat". The cons: she gets water EVERYWHERE, she SCREAMS when I make her stop, and then I can't actually DO any dishes!

She's just so dang cute, I just can't say no, so I let her 'do dishes' for a little while. She's playing in the sink right now and singing a bunch of songs, which is letting me get this done!

On another note, we had a BBQ in our backyard yesterday and invited some friends from our ward. It wasn't anything big, but we had a good time. Bill used the fire pit in the backyard to do hamburgers and he had some giant buckets of water (for fire safety) and the kids all played in those most of the time and came away SOAKED to the bone! There's just something with Jaci and water lately!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Two's the TuTu

Last week I started making Jaci's Halloween costume. It's a little early, I KNOW, but I knew if I kept putting it off it would never get done and Halloween would come too fast and then I'd be in big trouble. ANYWAY, I made her a Halloween colored tutu. It is super full, way fuller than it needs to be, but she loves it. She wore it all day the day I made it and then first thing the next morning she wanted to wear it again.

I didn't really want her wearing out this part of her Halloween costume too early, so I made her a pink and purple one she can wear anytime...and she does. Even over her other clothes! I made this one about half as full as the last and it's about perfect.

Jaci is such a little girl and loves to dress up like a princess! She had it on the other day and was playing in her room and I heard her talking in there saying "Here comes the princess Jaci". It was so cute!