Friday, November 16, 2007


Well, Halloween has very much come and gone, in fact it is almost time for Thanksgiving!!! This month has just flown by. Jaci has discovered her feet and she plays with them all the time. She hasn't gotten them in her mouth yet, but it's just a matter of time. She has also started reaching for her mommy to pick her up. It's very cute, but mommy doesn't get much done these days! Anyway, for Halloween Jaci was a beautiful butterfly and Kelcie came and helped us "trick or treat". Jaci fell asleep before we got to the first house so we didn't get a whole lot done!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Arizona Visit

Hey all! I know it takes me forever to do a post. I've been wanting to put up the pictures from Halloween, but my sister Kelcie took the pictures on her camera and keeps forgetting to bring it to me. So we'll have to make do with pictures from our trip to Arizona. Jaci got to go "swimming" with Pops in the spa! I was excited because she got to wear one of her bigger swimming suits that didn't fit her while we were there in the summer.

We also go to go to our annual family Halloween party that I haven't gotten to go to in years! We had a great time with cousins! Jaci was particularly interested with my brother Rusty! She would just stare and stare at him and then at the party she lunged for him to take her. Of course, Berkley couldn't be outdone so he had to have Rusty hold him too!
Don't worry! Halloween pictures will come soon! I might have to beat Kelcie to a pulp before she remembers to bring her camera over, but one way or the other we'll get it done soon! Thanks mom and dad for letting us come and visit! We love coming home!