Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I love Bubbles!!!

Jaci's new favorite past time is blowing spit bubbles. Isn't she cute!!! Not much is going on up here in COLD Utah. It's just snowing and blowing! If it's not snowing, it's so cold because it is really windy. I really miss Arizona. Jaci has been a little stinker. She finally had gotten into the habit of taking good two hour naps in her bed, but this week she's reverted back to only wanting to sleep when mommy or daddy is holding her for naps. Therefore, I have practically no free time again! However, I did manage to find time to finally start making some bows and paci clips! Now that she is sitting up on her own, she will sit on the ground and play with toys so I can at least do something for a little while. Yay! I am so proud of this bow I had to post a picture!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So Many Teeth!

Well, Christmas has come and gone. We actually had two Christmases. One nice "warmer" one down in Arizona and one freezing cold one up here in Utah. The temperature varies from 8 to 20 degrees during the days now. Brrr! It makes me shiver just thinking about it. Anyway, Jaci loved getting new toys and playing with Berkley's new toys while we were down there. Her favorite "new" toys are actually hand-me-downs from Braden and Berkley. (Thanks Caryn!)

Since Christmas, Jaci has had her first ear infection, her first fever, and now has EIGHT (yes, I said 8) teeth; 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom. She likes to randomly and very sneakily chomp down on her mommy's arm or face. She seems like she's going to give me kisses and then decides to BITE! I have quite a few bruises. I still know she loves me though because she has become even more attached to Mommy than she was before. She'll go to others and give them a quick hug and then wants to come right back. At least she has started taking naps in her bed! That has been a huge blessing! Now I've got at least a couple hours of free time in the day. Now I just need to start sewing or scrapbooking again since I have the time!