Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cabin Fever

Jaci and I are still having a great time in Arizona, but we're heading down to Louisiana very soon. While we've been here, we have gone to our cabin in Pine, Arizona with Nana and Bopy twice. Jaci loves being there and especially going on quad rides with Bopy. They went on at least 4 a day. When they were finished with the ride she always had to carry both helmets into the house! On Labor Day, Bopy, my uncle Todd and I went on a hike down from the rim in Pine and had a great time. They day was absolutely perfect; it was cloudy and cool and...perfect! We love going to the cabin, it is so relaxing and much cooler than Gilbert.

Jaci is getting so big. She just jabbers and jabbers (we think it's Chinese) and every once in a while she actually says a word we can understand. She has started mimicking some words that I say. She now says "Mommy, baby" or "Mommy, me me me" when she wants me to pick her up and hold her. She also says "bye, ball, kick, 'Pops', 'Bopy', and someitmes she says some phrases that have to do with something we are talking about. She is just so smart and understands everything anyone says, which makes it really frustrating when she ignores me.

As far as Bill is concerned...he is still alive. He survived his first hurricane with no more damage than a power outage. He got the whole week off school and took time to visit some of his family down there.

She has absolutely loved being here with so much family so close. She is going to go crazy when we're down south and she's stuck with just me all day. We are so grateful to my parents for letting us crash with them for so long! Now we just hope we can find a place to live down there!