Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lake Powell

I know I'm a little behind since we got home from Lake Powell over a week ago, but I was a slacker and didn't take any pictures so I had to get them from Kelcie and Caryn. Thanks guys! Anyway, we had so much fun up there. We always have a great time just relaxing and playing on the water. Jaci loved getting to go swimming and she liked getting to ride in the boat. She and I even got to go jet skiing together and she fell asleep!!! We went and stayed on my dad's houseboat with my parents, Kelcie, Ryan, Rusty's family, and Bill's parents. Jaci is a smart little firecracker and figured out how to undo the latches on the little gates on the boat. She even tried to teach Berkley and so we had to tie latches up so they couldn't do that. We couldn't find anything to do it with, so Caryn used straws. Pretty crafty! We had a great time tubing, wakeboarding and relaxing. As always, my favorite parts are the sunset cruises. Thanks Daddy! No place has sunsets like Lake Powell. Jaci and I drove home with my parents to Arizona so Jaci could go to the doctor before our big cruise through Europe. Bill comes to join us in a couple of days and then off to Venice! We are so excited! However, Jaci and Berkley are getting to act too much like siblings. Last night we put them together in the pack and play and they wresled. Well, Berkley wrestled and Jaci just kept trying to give him kisses. She doesn't take much crap from him anymore though. If he pushes her, she just pushes him right back! We have so much fun down here around family!