Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I'm finally getting back to life! We just got back from Arizona where we had a GREAT time and we've just been going going going since! I'll be putting up our pictures from Disneyland (hopefully) sometime this week...once all the commotion dies down! Melanie (Bill's mom) got here the same day we got back and we've been having a great time with her. She has family here from England and we've been spending time with them as well. I love it! I could listen to them just talk all day long!

Anyway, if you can't tell Jaci was a witch for Halloween. And if I do say so myself, she is the cutest little witch to ever fly a broom! I dug stuff out of my closet that I actually used to wear and was a cowgirl. Bill had a few things, and a few he borrowed from my dad to become Sheriff Bill. Jaci has a cowgirl outfit too and we thought it would be fun to all match, but she looks so cute as a witch and I worked hard on that costume (yes, I made it), so we decided not to. Jaci had so much fun getting dressed up in her costume and LOVED going Trick or Treating. She'd go up to every person and say "Trick or Treat...Thanks". And she is very protective of her candy! But, she's going to have to give up most of it to the GREAT PUMPKIN so he can give her a prize in place of all her candy. He's a little too busy tonight, so we're going to call him and reschedule for tomorrow!
This is one of our Disneyland pictures. We got to got to Mickey's Trick or Treat Party at California Adventure one night after the park closed. We got to meet a few characters that night including Leo and June from Playhouse Disney's Little Einsteins!

Okay, my Daddy always has some of the best costumes. While we were in AZ we went to our big annual Mortensen Halloween Party. Daddy is like one of the only adults to dress up, but he's always got an amazing costume! This year he was a scarecrow. Perfect picture right?!!?!

This is me and my Nana! I love Nana and I miss her so much when we're in Louisiana. Nana is one of my very best friends in all the land! She taught me to sew, and to cook a lot as well. Love you Nana!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My little girl is so big! She's not my baby anymore, she's definitely a little girl! She loves playing pretend and dress up these days. I'll have to take some more pictures in some of her costumes. She found her tinkerbelle costume from last year and had to put it on, and another time she found my old cowgirl belt with my name on it and made me put it on her, then she went and found boots, and I let her wear my cowboy hat. She ran skipped around the house yelling "Yee Haw"! She is so silly. She even sings in the shower!

Anyway, today she said she wanted to go pee pee on the potty, so I got her brand new potty chair that my mom bought her out of the box and set it up. She decided she needed to read a book while she tried. Nothing actually happened, but I'm proud of her for wanting to try. Although, I'd rather stick to diapers for a while. I'm not sure I want to go through potty training yet!

Yesterday, I finally finished this Halloween skirt I've been working on. I'll explain it more on my other blog. I love the colors for Halloween and it's my favorite holiday to decorate for. I made Jaci her Halloween costume, which I will show after Halloween, and then this skirt and bow.

Jaci and I are excited for next week! We are going to Arizona and then driving over to Disneyland with my family. It will be Jaci's first trip to Disney and I think she'll love it. She loves Mickey Mouse and Pooh, so I'm excited for her!
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