Friday, September 28, 2007

Fun with Nana!

Well, we've been back in Utah for almost a month now and are finally getting the place in order. Nana came up this week and has helped me put all my pictures up and we went up to watch my cousin Sarah in a ballet performance at the University of Utah! Jaci has decided that she loves to go on walks in her stroller and sometimes that is the only time she takes a nap during the day. Nana's time here is going way too fast and we are going to miss her when she leaves. She loves spending time with her little lady bug!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Well, it's been a while, but we didn't have internet until today in our new place. We are getting settled in here in Provo, UT. Jaci has decided she loves being outside, so we take her on walks in either the front pack or the stroller. We love having Kelcie up here too, we walk to her apartment and she runs to ours. I will post pictures of the new place once Nana comes and we can get all the decorations put up.

Jaci has already grown so much since we got up here. She is still a doll, but she bites hard! She bites my finger and she has almost made me bleed several times. She has started grabbing for things, so toys are a little more fun now. Also, I bought a Baby Einstein movie "Baby's First Moves" and she loves the puppets on there and will sit an watch it for ever. She laughs when the Kangaroo plays Peek-a-boo! She still doesn't want to be put down for naps, she wakes right up and opens her eyes as wide as they can go.

We miss everyone down in Arizona, especially the little boys, who are also growing up so fast! Come visit us!!!