Monday, August 17, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

Jaci has decided that mommy does fun things in the kitchen and she wants to help! She helps alright! She helps make sure that everything tastes okay before I give it to anyone else! In the picture above I was making some muffins and she kept grabbing the chocolate chips on top and also taking a big pinch of the dough and eating it! Therefore, some of the muffins turned out a little small and a little lacking in chocolate! But how can you deny that face anything!

She found out at my mom's house that she could drag the bar chair anywhere she wanted so she could be high enough to see or help! She dragged that thing all over the house!

I know, these are a little belated. These are from our time in Arizona this summer and unfortunately we aren't there anymore. We had so much fun and we miss everyone so much already. Especially since Caryn (my SIL) decided to wait to have her baby TWO (2) days after I left! You can see him here. He's a cutie!


Brianne said...

She looks so precious and is a girl after my own heart eating all that muffin batter! I miss you.