Monday, July 20, 2009

Jaci's First Haircut

We've done some fun things since our trip to Lake Powell, but I didn't have the pictures from our trip to Colorado, and then we went to the cabin with my grandparents, Nana and Bopy, and I left my camera there. I'll be getting it back tomorrow! We do have one exciting thing to document...Jaci got her first official hair cut. She's 2, I know, but before now I just couldn't make myself cut anything but her bangs, but I decided it was getting kind of long and scraggly!
This is before.
This is after
This is my mom's friend Jennifer, that we've known FOREVER!!! She had these wonderful muffins that she's getting me the recipe for, so when I try those I'll put them up on my other blog. Jaci actually did a lot better than I thought she would. She HATES even getting her hair brushed or put up for the day, but after she got her popsicle she did REALLY well. She sat fairly still and it went pretty smoothly. I've tried to blow dry her hair before too and she freaked out, but she just sat there while Jennifer did it today!
We'll see how this haricut works out. She has this horrible cowlick on the back of her head that makes most of her hair fall straight forward into her face...and she HATES her hair in her face! But for now I think her hair is adorable and now she won't look so much like a ragamuffin! Thanks again, Jennifer!
This is the best after picture I could get today. Even though she was good getting her hair cut, when she was done, she was DONE. There will be more pictures to come because we're going to Lake Powell again this weekend! My dad just bought a new wakeboarding boat, so I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures coming!


J and S Garcia said...

LOVE the new cut on Jaci!!! When Madison was small I used to keep her hair in a bob almost all the time because hers was ALWAYS all tangled up otherwise!! Made getting ready to go places so much easier!!

Rhonda said...

I love her bob! It's too cute! I always thought my girls would have bobs but they look so cute with their hair all long & curly.
Oh, & I'll try not to be offended that you didn't ask me to cut her hair! ;)

Carrie said...

she is Darling!