Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April showers

Hello everyone! Well, this has been a crazy week here in Utah. Yesterday it was a beautiful 80 degrees outside and today it is SNOWING. I can't believe it. I was so excited yesterday. So was Jaci. We got to play in the yard and Jaci even felt brave enough out there to take a couple of steps on her own!!! She's still hasn't worked up her courage in the house though to try and start walking alone. She has however, gotten into the habit of screaming a high pitched ear shattering scream. It's usually a happy scream and very random. Needless to say, I get lots of headaches. As for the video...when we were in Arizona a couple weeks ago, Nana, Jaci and I sewed together and when we got back Jaci wanted to keep sewing. I had some fabric in her closet and she went in there by herself and found it. When I found her she was sitting in her closet sorting through the fabric. It was so cute. Later that night she realized she could get into the drawers in her room if she stands on her tippy toes. She has also started laughing if she hears anyone else laugh. I'll laugh at something and she'll laugh with me, it's so funny. She has a stuffed animal that laughs if you press it's foot and she goes crazy with that. She is getting so big so fast!!! We have so much fun with her, even though we've had to finally put gates up in the house. She is a very curious little girl and wanders all over the house...which the landlord just sold. We are praying that we won't be kicked out before Bill is finished with school and we are able to leave. Speaking of school, Bill has finals this week and then one "term" left. He will be done the end of June, just in time for our cruise!!! No word from any law schools yet, but we'll keep everyone posted.


Jeff and Brianne said...

She is so dang cute, I just have to babysit her. I loved going on our walk the other day. I love that Jaci likes to sew:)