Sunday, March 28, 2010

This week we celebrated my "little" brother's 17th birthday. We went to dinner at a place called The Keg, and then came home for some of Ryan's favorite dessert, chocolate mousse. The three guys were having a contest to see who is the tallest. In this picture, they're all standing up perfectly straight (which is unusual) and on their tippy toes! Rusty still has Ryan by a little bit, but they've both passed up Daddy, who is a shockingly short 6'3"! What good looking guys!

Above is a pic with Noni and 3 of the 4 grandkids, Braden wasn't there because he was spending quality time at the cabin with Nana and Bopy. While they were over we decided to make Cowboy Cookies. I had a lot of help, and by the time we were done, not a whole lot got made into cookies as you can see. But really, this is the best cookie dough EVER! The cookies turned out pretty good too, but they were gone way too fast! This is one of the few times Berk and Jaci aren't yelling at each other!

Aren't we cute! Jaci and I kind of matched for church today, so we decided to take a few pictures. She is such a smart and silly little girl. She has us laughing constantly with her new phrases! For example, she came up behind my dad while he was sitting on the floor, put her arms around his neck, kissed his cheek and said "Pops, you're really hot!"


Caryn said...

You gotta email me that picture. So funny. Good thing it's not a 'who has the most hair' contest or NO way would he have won. Hee hee hee

Rhonda said...

The pic of the guys is funny! Russ does look really "short". Love the one of Cindy totally taken over by the kiddos. You guys looked adorable in your "matchy" picture.

Pojie said...

You and your daughter are look alike.Off coz you both are cute.

PacoBerniyo said... visit my blog xD

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Mr. Regina said...

I love the Keg!!

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