Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here are just a few updates.

Jaci thought it would be fun to NOT take a nap and to instead draw all over herself and the bathroom door with a blue marker! 

What a nerd! She's wearing her fireman helmet from firehouse subs and my glasses!

Going out for my brother (Rusty) and uncle's (Todd) birthdays. We went to Ruths Chris, which I had never been to before. This is just a pic of the girls! Man, I'm a giant!

Poor Jaci had pneumonia and had to do breathing treatments, but she took it like a champ! She was so good about telling it was time for her breathing treatments and that she was ready for her medicine. It was yucky, but she took it so good because she wanted to feel better.

For Valentine's Day Noni (her grandma) made her a giant heart cookie. Yummy! Except I don't think Jaci actually ate much of it!

Her new "big girl" bed. She's FINALLY pretty much stopped taking a bottle and so she graduated to a toddler bed!

Jaci dancing with prince charming (Pops) on his birthday. After all she is a "beautiful princess", or so she tells us several times a day!


Rhonda said...

I LOVE that you finally put some pics on here! They cracked me up! She looked like a Smurf with that blue face!
FYI, you girls looked so pretty for the Bday dinners!

Kelcie said...

She is a beautiful princess come on! Love that you FINALLY updated this :)

buricro said...

You have perfect family,I glad with you.

silvioafonso said...


Jil, eu queria muito que vocĂȘ
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VocĂȘ vai gostar.

Um beijo,



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budinum said...

So sweet :)

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