Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just Hangin' Around




Here are a few pictures of Jaci since people have been bugging me to update the blog. Jaci's favorite thing to do is sit in her toybox and watch tv. She also loves her "ooh ooh ahh ahh" (Curious George stuffed animal) that Nana sent her. Her current favorite words are: "up, up, uppy". Right now, Jaci and I are in Arizona visiting my family for Thanksgiving! Bill decided that with finals coming next week, he couldn't take the time off for a break, so he's staying there and going up to Mississippi for Thanksgiving. We have some fun plans for while we're down in Arizona and we're so excited! We'll keep it updated now with pictures of our activities. We are planning on going 4 wheeling at the Dunes with our quads and new RHINO! Hope everyone has a great Holiday!
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Kelcie said...

She is too dang cute! I miss you and her already and I can't wait to see you guys at christmas!

Mandy said...

Jill, she is just so cute!