Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Jaci!

I can't believe that Jaci is a year old today. It doesn't seem possible that it has been a year since our precious little girl was born. She is the light of my life and makes every day worth it, even the hard ones when she's cranky. All she has to do is smile at me or randomly come give me a hug to brighten my day. I can't put in to words how much she means to me. This past year has definitely had its difficult moments, but it has had its amazing moments also. Here are just a few of the many reasons I love her!

1. Her smiles!
2. Her hugs and when she just comes and cuddles up on my lap!
3. The way she says "mum mum" or "mmmm" when she takes a bite of macaroni and cheese.
4. The way she always wants to be with mommy and wants to just sit on my lap to watch Baby Einstein.
5. The way she follows me around like a baby duck!
6. Her laugh!
7. The way she sleeps all night!
8. How she likes to "help" me cook!
9. How much she loves shakes!
10. How dang cute she is!

I just love her so much! I never could have imagined that I could love anyone as much as I love her! Her daddy wants me to not forget that he loves her too especially when she gets really excited when she sees him after he comes home from school or work. She is so happy most of the time and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!


Bobby and Shanna said...

Happy Birthday Jaci..she is so adorable.. I love reading your blog to keep up with you and Jaci..keep posting so I can stay in touch..

Pops said...

Love you Jaci! Miss you already. Sounds like you had a fun birthday.
Can't believe you are 1.

Caryn said...

Happy Birthday Jaci Girl! We wish we could have been there that day! Tell your Mom to post pictures of you with your new Wagon!