Monday, June 4, 2007

12 days old already

Hard to believe she is almost 2 weeks old. Jaci is doing great. Jill and Bill and Jaci are still staying with Noni and Pops.


wadenliz said...

She is adorable! We have a gift for her that I meant to send home with Nana, but I forgot. I will send it. We can't wait to meet Jaci in July.


Scharlotte said...

Wow, she is beautiful, but of courese you already know that!!! LOL!! Post more pictures for all the cousins PLEASE!!
Terry printed off and blew up the home from the hospital one and framed it for Grandpa.
Love you all, give that baby lots of kisses from all her cousins and aunts and uncles here and a BIG hug from Great-grandpa.
Love you,

ashley said...

Hi Jill, this is Ashley Fuller (Farmer)... I found your blog through a friend's. Your baby girl is so darling!! And I love her name. too cute! Looks like things are going well for ya... just thought I would say Hi. --if you wanna check it out.